Park System


Parking System is a student project that is split in three parts. A mobile app to show available parking garages nearby, a Raspberry Pi as parking ticket machine and REST-API backend.

Mobile App

With the mobile app you can search nearby parking garages, see how many parking spaces are available or pay your parking ticket. As soon as you enter a parking garage, you would receive an NFC chip. This chip can be scanned by the app to see your parking time or to pay contactless. 

List of all parking garages
Find nearby parking garages
Show all infomration
Filter nearby parking garages
Scan your NFC-Tag in the app
Display parking duration


The IoT device is a Raspberry Pi connect to a 16×2 display, an NFC-Chip reader and two LEDs. The display shows the name of the parking garage and the number of available parking spaces. When you „enter“ or „exit“ a parking garage with your NFC chip, the Raspberry Pi reports this event to the backend. The LEDs indicate if the parking garage is full and if the payment was successful or not.




Raspberry Pi


Student Project